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  Important Announcement

The Scale Card is closing its doors at the end of the year (Dec. 31, 2012).
Our stock is limited; so if you need any of our Scale Cards and/or Scale Rules now is the time to get them or stock up.
Once they are gone they're gone.
We are dropping credit card acceptance by end of July 2012.

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to all who have purchased our products in the past.


Now, for the first time, check scale accuracy anywhere anytime
Guaranteed Accurate

"The Scale Cards - definitely worth having!"  Thor Sheil
The All-Gauge Model Railroading Page
Nov 1999 (Click above to read the entire write-up) 

The Scale Card is a credit card size tool for every model builder who wants to keep everything in scale. Easy to use at swap meets, flea markets, antique shops, even hobby shops, and at home on your workbench. Using figures (or heads) in scale and three inches of scale rule, it keeps your purchases within your selected scale. Cards range from 1:12 to 1:700, some in metric. 

Cars, Dollhouses, Planes, Ships & Trains

When you want to check scale accuracy
wherever you are,
The Scale Card and Rules are the tools for you

"I want to congratulate you on what I consider the finest scale rules I own. I use them exclusively in my own modeling and for all Finescale Railroader reviews. They are the most accurate and convenient scale rules I have used in every scale from HO through 1:20.3."

Uncle Russ, Finescale Railroader
(formally - Outdoor Railroader) - Feb 97

"Active modelers are always on the lookout for 'stuff' they can use. When browsing through different stores, swap meets, or garage sales, we always seem to find something that looks like it will work for that home modeling project, only to get it home and find that the item we laid out the cash for is way out of scale. If only there were some way of telling if those little gems we find will actually work before we buy them. One of the easiest ways is to use the Scale Card."

Model Railroad News - April 96


No need for a calculator or conversion tables when building or super detailing. Now read from an actual blueprint, or scale drawing, and measure directly - in scale.

"The Scale Cards - definitely worth having!"
 Thor Sheil 
      The All-Gauge Model Railroading Page Nov 1999
(Click above to read the entire write-up)
"Scale Card products are extremely accurate and practical. We use them all the time, they are superb."

Finescale Railroader - June 2003

The Scale Cards I ordered last year are excellent reference tools. Love'em. Thank's!" 
James C. McIntire, Military Modelers Club of Louisville VP August 1996
"Measure a 'city block' with the Scale Rule"
Model Railroad News
- April 96(w/ an HO/N Scale Rule) 
"I have both the ruler and the card in 1/20.3 scale and I have definitely gotten my money's worth of use out of them both. 
Thanks for a great product."  1999
         Tom Beckerson
"We also compared the Scale Card rule against a highly accurate computer output. The rule was right on the money.