With 26 different Scale Cards we cover scales from 1:12 (Dollhouses) to 1:700 (Ships). This range is bound to cover 99% of your needs for accuracy
   Special Graphic
Included in our Scale Cards from 1:12 to 1:20.3
and from 1:43 to 1:700. This unique graphic will directly determine circular diameters in scale inches, or feet depending on the scale

        We introduced The Scale Card in 1993, a clear vinyl credit card size tool, to assist the model builder with their purchases and creating realistic scale railroad layouts, aircraft, ships, dollhouses, and/or dioramas.
        The Scale Card can easily be carried in your pocket or purse. It features a real world three inch rule marked off in the scale you choose, twenty-four cards to choose from plus eight in metric, many scales are accurate to one scale inch.
         Each card provides three figures: a six foot male, a five foot six inch female and a twenty-four inch one year old child. The two adult figures also feature the maximum and minimum mean height for each. The cards use a more intuitive means of gauging the accuracy of objects in a chosen scale. It works best when determining if animals and plants will fit realistically in a given scale.
         The very large Scales, 1:12 to 1:20.3, only use "ideally" proportioned heads. Sorry but the figures are just too big to fit a credit card size tool.
         The height information is from Architects� Data. They used about 9,300 male adults to obtain the information. Even though they illustrate height extremes of 6�-7� to 4�-11½� with a Mean of 5�-8¾," we decided to stay within the first Standard Deviation of the bell curve. That gives a height range of 6� to 5�-6� with the Mean still at 5�-8¾." The female height, according to the Architects� Data, is 5% less. That give us a range of 5�-8� to 5�-2� with a Mean of 5�-5." The proportions are from the Architects� Data, plus Figure Art and Anatomy books.